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UNITE  the architecture, art, poetry and music of our time.

The cross-inspiration of the arts through history, a pursuit of fundamental importance, is a core purpose of ‘T’ Space.

REFLECT at a time when art and architecture have become increasingly financial instruments.

‘T’ Space is dedicated to reflecting on the meanings of art and architecture, with the aim of educating the public by facilitating dialogue among living artists.

COMMISSION new works and experimental collaborations.

By commissioning artists, ‘T’ Space fosters hybrid combinations of new thought.

EDUCATE through art, music and poetry.

‘T’ Space provides an enriched architectural education, including a summer architecture fellowship and academic tours.

RENEW the deep connection of the arts, humanity and the natural landscape.

‘T’ Space is dedicated to the preservation of our forested natural habitat.


Merged with the lush natural greenery of Round Lake in Dutchess County, NY, ‘T’ Space is a project of the Steven Myron Holl Foundation. The project aims to offer an educational fusion of music, poetry, architecture and art of the 21st century.

The fusion of art, poetry, music, and architecture is a core aim of ‘T’ Space. Today, the overload of information brings with it an atmosphere of exhaustion and superficiality. A great breadth of digital information is instantly available and segregated into categories. The prevalence of separating the Arts prevents the potential of one to inspire the other. Yet, as in the greatest cultural cycles in history, the Arts are interrelated. Architecture, painting, sculpture, music, and poetry all inspire one another. ‘T’ Space aims to synthesize the arts and present original works in the Hudson Valley. — Steven Holl

Board of Directors & Advisory Board

Board of Directors

Steven Holl
Dimitra Tsachrelia

Advisory Board

Stan Allen
Richard Armstrong
Thomas B. Hesse
Raphael Mostel
Steve Pulimood
Mónica de la Torre