‘T’ Space is pleased to announce its 2020 Synthesis of the Arts Series including sculpture, painting, photography, and architecture by local and international artists. We welcome all audiences to enjoy our fine arts and architecture exhibition openings, poetry readings, and music performances.

This season, our poetry readings and musical performances will be live streamed from ‘T’ Space on the opening date of each exhibition. For additional updates throughout the summer season, follow us on Instagram @tspaceandsmhf

July 18–September 25
August 22–September 25

2020 Lectures

July 8 | Richard Armstrong
July 9 | Daniel Belasco, Al Held Foundation, Al Held and Architecture: Line, Structure, and Space
July 14 | Chris Perry and Cathryn Dwyre, Pneuma Studios, Ambiguous Territory
July 15 | Ashley Simone, Value and the Metaphor of Phenomenology in the Representation of Built Form
July 17 | David Leven and Stella Betts, Thirteen Ways
July 20 | Stan Allen, Situated Objects: Architecture and the American Landscape
July 23 | Yasmin Vobis, Formats


“Modern Philosophy, starting with Hegel, has succumbed to the strange illusion that man, in distinction from other things has created himself.”
– Hannah Arendt, The Life of the Mind

“When we had thought to be alone, we shall be with all the world.”
– Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth

“A breath is enough to invoke the realm of religious experience.”
– Paul Klee

I imagine the coronavirus, this strange breath – robbing plague engulfing the globe today will change humanity. On this earth, being alive is a gift. Today, we are humbled and shocked by the unknown. Our vulnerable species – humankind – has, in recent decades, caused the disintegration of ecosystems of nature at a cataclysmic rate.

Going forward our species must re-value itself – we must have a transformation of consciousness including at least eight points:

1. Respect for the power of nature.
2. Our primary action is to protect our home, earth.
3. Recognize we are a global community, not nationalistic tribes.
4. Planning for all environment and architecture should embrace our codependence.
5. Privatized and political tribe-like divisions must be abolished.
6. Intolerance of power abuse, lies, and manipulation of media.
7. Deep appreciation for workers in healthcare, farming, food supply, and all community supporting actions.
8. The primacy of creativity and the spiritual optimistic force in all the arts.

-Steven Holl, April 8 2020


‘T’ Space is a multidisciplinary arts organization in Rhinebeck, New York. Join us for performances, exhibitions, and Rural Compression, a residency program for emerging architects.

Open June through October.

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