July 18: Ruptures and Reconciliations
July 18: Ruptures and Reconciliations
2021 Summer Season Preview

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The first exhibition this season will be Ruptures and Reconciliations by Anthony Titus. Titus will be showing new wall works inspired by poetry from Richard Wright’s Haiku. The exhibition will open with a virtual event on July 17 with a special performance of Anthony Braxton’s music, a poetry reading by Cathy Park Hong, and a discussion between the artists. Reservations are required to visit the Titus exhibition in-person at ‘T’ Space. Book appointments on our website for Sunday viewings starting July 18 and continuing through September.

The ‘T’ Space Virtual Residency Lectures in July will include: Iwan Baan, Alberto Campo Baeza, Yolande Daniels, Kostis Kourelis, Kyna Leski, Thom Mayne, Lead Pencil Studio and Martin Stigsgaard.

On August 21, Seattle-based Annie Han and Daniel Milhayo of Lead Pencil Studio will present a virtual exhibition, Suspended Collapse, a new body of work that expands the aesthetic of structures which exist at the limits of perception and structural fidelity, employing sculpture, drawing, models, photography, and writing.

July 17–September 26
August 21–September 26
2021 Lectures

RSVP – Kostis Kourelis – July 7 at 11am
RSVP – Iwan Baan – July 8 at 11am
RSVP – Yolande Daniels – July 13 at 12pm
RSVP – Martin Stigsgaard – July 14 at 11am
RSVP – Alberto Campo Baeza – July 16 at 11am
RSVP – Kyna Leski – July 19 at 11am
RSVP – Lead Pencil Studio – July 21 at 1pm
RSVP – Thom Mayne – July 22 at 11am

RSVP – Final Presentations – July 26 at 2 pm

‘T’ Space Summer Architecture Residents: Alexander Kern, Brian Hartman, Meghan Pisarcik, Yolande Wen, Jack Wathieu, Reginald Mace


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