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Cosmic Dust: Summer Architecture Residency

Each year, five residents are selected on a competitive basis for ‘Rural Compression – Cosmic Dust,’ the Steven Myron Holl Foundation / ‘T’ Space Summer Architectural Residency in Rhinebeck, New York.

The 23-day intensive studio challenges participants to think and design critically. Residents enjoy theoretical and experimental freedom as they design a site-specific project unique to their program.

Using both analog and digital media tools, the program includes design critiques, pin-ups, lectures and conversations with invited professionals, as well as field trips in Dutchess County to destinations of acclaimed architectural and artistic interest.

Details, applications, and further information for the 2020 program will be available in February.

2019 Instructors and Public Lectures

Steven Holl
Eirini Tsachrelia

Schedule of Public Lectures
Join the residents for workshops, lectures, pin-ups and critiques.

July 5 | Yehuda Safran

July 6 | Christian Wassmann

July 12 | Christoph Kumpusch

July 18 | Ilona Lovas*

July 18 | Tamás Nagy*

July 22 | Ashley Simone

July 23 | Eirini Tsachrelia

July 24 | Marin Stigsgaard

With additional instruction by Michael Murphy and Anthony Titus.


July 27 | Hosted by the Al Held Foundation

*Presented with support by the Institute of Architecture of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design.
All Photos by Susan Wides

2019 Residents

Conor Denison

Madison Cook

Stefano Volpe

Walter Gadsby

Xiaofan Ye

Zachary Wignall

Photos: Critiques, Reviews and Field Trips

2018 Residents

Video: Projects Overview

Photos: Critiques, Reviews and Field Trips

2017 Residents

Video: Projects Overview

Photos: Critiques, Reviews and Field Trips