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Steven Holl’s “Half-Earth” Exhibition Opens in Archive Gallery

December 26, 2023

Steven Holl
December 20, 2023 – July 7, 2024

An exhibition of work by Steven Holl opened on December 20th in the Archive Gallery, on the ‘T’ Space Reserve. Comprised of watercolors, drawings, and models, Half-Earth considers the implications of a new era of design, necessary for tackling issues exposed by the pandemic on our responsibilities towards the environment. Holl was deeply engaged with the important message of the American biologist Edward Osbourne Wilson, who placed the protection of biodiversity as the focus of the observation of the natural world.

The exhibition takes its name from E.O. Wilson’s Half-Earth Project, which mapped the distribution of species across the globe, and identified places that humans can protect the highest number of species. Wilson wrote: “In Half-Earth I propose that only by committing half of the planet’s surface to nature can we hope to save the immensity of life-forms that compose it.” Wilson’s concept is at the core of this particular body of work by Holl, placing biodiversity as the primary driving force of any future urban theory of developing the landscape. Steven Holl: Half-Earth was originally organized by Antonia Jannone Disegni di Architettura, Milan, Italy, and curated by Fulvio Irace.

Half-Earth has been extended through July 7, 2024, and can be viewed by booking a guided tour of the ‘T’ Space Reserve, or a private gallery appointment. Email [email protected] to schedule.


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