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Explore 10 Years at ‘T’ Space
Explore 10 Years at ‘T’ Space


‘T’ Space inspires cross-pollination of art, architecture, music, and poetry to foster creativity and to amplify interdisciplinary thinking.

The Archive and Library, academic tours, and a summer architecture residency and lecture series encourages critical thinking about the connections between architecture, the arts, and ecology.

‘T’ Space is dedicated to the preservation of our natural forested habitat. Through ecological architecture and art programs, we seek to revitalize the unity of humanity and nature.

‘T’ Space is a project of the Steven Myron Holl Foundation (SMHF), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Founded in 2010, SMHF acts as an instrument of communication on urgent issues concerning architecture and art; stimulates critical and theoretical exchange of ideas in today’s cultural and technological conditions; and educates and entices alternative thinking, broader discourse, and deeper research on current issues of art and architecture.

‘T’ Space, located in the woodlands of Rhinebeck, NY, is an arts organization focused on the arts, education, design and ecology. Founded in 2010 by the Steven Myron Holl Foundation, ‘T’ Space has grown to become a vital center for the arts, nature and humanism in its region of the Hudson Valley. In the 19th Century, this historic place inspired the Hudson River School of artists, thinkers and writers. Today, we continue their initiative by generating a contemporary multidisciplinary perspective in the Hudson Valley.

We are located in a natural landscape with programming both indoors and out:  a nature preserve where visitors can view and engage with sculptural installations, art exhibitions, experimental architecture, an architectural archive, poetry readings and musical performances by international and emerging artists. We also offer a residency for emerging architects, and publications about our exhibits and programs are available.

Board of Directors, Advisory Board, & Staff

Board of Directors

Steven Holl
Molly Blieden
Dimitra Tsachrelia
Nat Oppenheimer

Advisory Board

Stan Allen
Richard Armstrong
Philippa Dunne
Rebecca Hart
Thomas B. Hesse
Sarah Hutchings
Raphael Mostel
Steve Pulimood
Anthony Titus
Mónica de la Torre
James von Klemperer



Susan Wides
Director and Curator

Eirini Tsachrelia
Director of Educational Programing

Kelly Pope
Programs and Development Manager

Marisa Espe