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‘T’ Space offers a synthesis of art and architecture exhibitions united with poetry readings, music performances, and publications by international and emerging artists with a multidisciplinary perspective. ‘T’ Space hosts an Architecture Residency for emerging architects from around the world and vibrant lecture series professionals at the forefront of art and architecture.


A 42-year archive of literature, art and architecture records the passage of trends in contemporary design from 1977 to the present and is still growing. The archive holdings include original artwork, sketches, drawings and prints by a variety of artists. The Architectural Library’s pride is its collection of artwork by renowned architects such as Louis Kahn, Zaha Hadid and Lebbeus Woods.The archive includes over 1,200 models, 4,400 books, 20,000 individual watercolors and assorted furniture, artwork, correspondence, drawing sets, material samples and photographs. The materials collected at the Archive provide numerous case studies of architecture and urban planning that are anchored by a direct connection to site and their local ecologies. Archival materials represent every step in the design process, and the wide range enables visitors to have thoughtful engagements with design theory and practice.

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