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‘T’ Space, a project of the Steven Myron Holl Foundation, offers a synthesis of art and architecture exhibitions united with poetry readings, music performances, and publications by international and emerging artists with a multidisciplinary perspective. ‘T’ Space hosts an Architecture Residency for emerging architects from around the world and a vibrant lecture series featuring inspiring professionals and groundbreaking thinkers operating at the forefront of art and architecture.


A 42-year archive of literature, art and architecture records the passage of trends in contemporary design from 1977 to the present and is still growing. The archive holdings include original artwork, sketches, drawings and prints by a variety of artists. The Architectural Library’s pride is its collection of artwork by renowned architects such as Louis Kahn, Zaha Hadid and Lebbeus Woods. The archive includes over 1,200 models, 4,400 books, 20,000 individual watercolors and assorted furniture, artwork, correspondence, drawing sets, material samples and photographs. The materials collected at the Archive provide numerous case studies of architecture and urban planning that are anchored by a direct connection to site and their local ecologies. Archival materials represent every step in the design process, and the wide range enables visitors to have thoughtful engagements with design theory and practice.

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’T’ Space Reserve is a 30-acre experimental topological landscape. Originally slated to be a subdivision with five suburban house plots, the site was instead joined as one natural preserved landscape by the Steven Myron Holl Foundation in 2014.

In 2017, Steven Holl designed a 1.5-mile trail that winds through the forested rock outcroppings of the site. The path features site-responsive installations of art and architecture, all with an environmental or interactive focus. Permanent and temporary installations include works by Richard Nonas and Oscar Tuazon, among others.

The site also contains three structures: the Steven Myron Holl Foundation’s archive, a studio, and an experimental guest house. Designed by Steven Holl Architects, the archive and guest house exemplify the highest ecological standards, featuring geothermal heating and cooling, green roof, local and recycled materials, and rainwater collecting ponds.

The site is approximately five miles east of the main Town of Rhinebeck in Dutchess County, New York. The property is mostly forested, with several small meadows on the eastern side, and is bordered by forest on the north, west, and most of the south edges, and is set within a larger contiguous forest of approximately 270 acres. ‘T’ Space Reserve is adjacent to Round Pond, a spring fed natural body of inland water. The site is approximately seven miles east of the Hudson River. There are natural rocky outcroppings throughout the site, and all topography is naturally occurring without human intervention.

The site contains as many as 211 distinct taxa of vascular plants. Of those, 81% are native to New York, and 18% are non-native. There are 27 native tree species, of which red oak is the most common, and only 3 non-native trees. Numerous large red oaks, pignut hickories, chestnut oaks, scarlet oaks, white oaks, and white pines occur across the reserve forests. Grasses and sedges, grow in abundance throughout the reserve, forming expansive carpets in many locations.

There are several rare plant species, most notably the false hop sedge, small patches of Willdenow’s sedge, one mature chinquapin oak tree, and several small smooth-leaved honeysuckle vines.

In 2023, Hudsonia conducted a biodiversity assessment of the site.

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