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Tribute to Jeffrey Brown (1948-2024)

February 20, 2024

We are shocked and deeply saddened of the news of Jeffrey Brown’s sudden passing last weekend. Born in 1948, Jeffrey together with Elise Jaffe were dedicated supporters of architecture culture—very rare today. Jeffrey had an unparalleled knowledge and love for architecture and design which led to Jeffrey and Elise’s invaluable support of ‘T’ Space programs, publications, and exhibitions. Jeffrey and Elise have joined us at nearly every ‘T’ Space opening, Jeffrey always thoughtfully engaging the artists with his warm presence. Jeffrey often attended reviews of our seminar “Architecture Apropos Art” at Columbia University—one of his joys. 

When we were explaining the challenges of installing the Ann Hamilton exhibition at ‘T’ Space because it included a 2,400-pound stone, and that we would have to build a temporary bridge to get it into the space, Jeffrey said immediately, “we will cover it!” In fact, Jeffrey was a real bridge builder for our arts community.

He was a wonderful, joyful supporter of the arts, such an important figure in the history of ‘T’ Space and numerous other cultural projects. Often when viewing educational television specials, exhibitions, and publics programs, we would see “supported by Elise Jaffe + Jeffrey Brown” and smile in amazement at Elise and Jeffrey’s commitment to culture. I have to say it’s unbelievable he’s gone. Like an angel supporting art, this rare generous soul is no longer with us, but remains like a butterfly in heaven.

Text by Steven Holl
Image: Elise Jaffe + Jeffrey Brown at ‘T’ Space opening, 2023. Credit: Raphael Mostel.

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