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‘T’ Space Reserve, Ex of IN House, ‘T’ Space Studio

July 2–October 30, 2016


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To study architecture freed from the purely objective.

From origins of architecture we explore in

IN: all space is sacred space

The architecture of IN dominates space via space

Intrinsic IN is an elemental force of sensual beauty

IN is useless, but in the future will be used. Purpose finds IN.

The thing containing is not the thing contained.

The T Space Reserve and the Ex of IN House extend Steven Holl’s vision of the broadest range of artistic thinking into organizing principles of ‘T’ Space. The Ex(perience) of IN… intimate, infinite, intricate, intrinsic, internal, inter, into, inasmuch … The associations flow in and out as a measure of the imagination of the human mind. In and around the trees light angles its way into T Space Reserve and through the Ex of IN like unexpected insights. Knowledge is windowful!

— Bonnie Marranca, 2016


Exhibition Curator: Dimitra Tsachrelia

Exhibition Team: Jessica Merritt, Michael Haddy, Ruoyu Wei, Okki Berendschot

Ex of IN Research Team: Steven Holl, Dimitra Tsachrelia, Yuliya Savelyeva, Ruoyu Wei, Michael Haddy,

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