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Giuliano Fiorenzoli

Because of seeing architecture

October 15–November 19, 2023


‘T’ Space is honored to present Because of seeing architecture by visionary architect Giuliano Fiorenzoli, as the inaugural exhibition in our Archive Gallery. This exhibition will run from October 15 – November 19, 2023, and will be located in a new extension of the Archive building on the ‘T’ Space Reserve at 60 Round Lake Road in Rhinebeck, NY.

Fiorenzoli’s early work was a critical component of the Radical Architecture movement that arose in Italy in the late 1960s and 70s. He was a founding member of ZZIGGURAT, an architecture atelier which produced highly experimental proposals in opposition to the rationalism and functionalism often associated with twentieth-century modernism. His body of work demonstrates a full commitment to the profession and the promotion of architecture and design as creative and exploratory art forms.

Fiorenzoli’s experience as an architect relies on his ability to envision projects and conceive spaces through the act of drawing “with the autonomy, care, and authenticity they seem to deserve. Drawings are not necessarily the anticipation of the built. To draw is to think, feel, and express sentiments through images. Drawings in architecture are as important as the built structures. Their importance relies on the fact that they confirm built form with the entity of their craft and vision. In that sense, they are autonomous.”

For this exhibition, Fiorenzoli will present a collection of hand-drawings and models highlighting many of his most inspiring works over the years, which invite viewers to contemplate drawing as a form of thought. Although his early drawings have been widely published in architectural publications throughout the years, this exhibition offers a rare opportunity to see them in person, and will celebrate the act of drawing and experimentation in architectural practice. As Steven Holl puts it “The direct connection of the mind and the hand is a deeper connection than any digital platform can make, and therefore closer to the human soul and spirit.”

During the opening event, there was a complementary curated program featuring a reading by ‘T’ Space 11th Annual Poetry Award Winner, Charles Bernstein, and a performance by musician, Nate Wooley. The audio recordings will be available on our website by the end of October.


Giuliano Fiorenzoli was born in Florence, Italy in 1943, and was an important member of the 1960s and 70’s Radical Architecture movement in Italy. As co-founder and active member of ZZIGGURAT, he produced a body of ideas and visionary work parallel to that of other radical groups such as Archizoom, Superstudio, and 999. During that period, he was directly involved in most of the cultural events that transformed the concept and production of the Italian Design movement, participating in competitions, conferences, exhibitions, and publications. He moved to New York City in 1972, and has been teaching in many college Departments of Architecture such as M.I.T., Columbia, Pratt Institute, Temple University, and New Jersey Institute of Technology. His work has been published in magazines such as Progressive Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Architecture, Casabella, Domus, The New York Times, Arca, and Controspazio, among others.


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