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Rome and the Teacher, Astra Zarina

July 14–September 8, 2019

Following the internet’s ability to realize political and social expression needs, society has largely receded from civic life. Public-first urban design has been subsequently sidelined. Rome and the Teacher examines Roman public spaces to renew ideas of community life that are increasingly omitted or privatized in contemporary design.

This exhibition honors educator Astra Zarina, whose book I Tetti di Roma is the basis for the show.


Born in Latvia, Astra Zarina enjoyed a long career as Professor of Architecture at Washington University in Seattle, and was a fellow at the American Academy in Rome. She is best known for creating the Italian Studies programs at the University of Washington.
Zarina moved to Boston in 1954 to study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she was the first woman to receive the academy’s architecture fellowship award. She was selected for a Fulbright fellowship, and traveled to Italy. She later discovered the Italian town of Civita, which she would commit to restoring until her death. She retired from teaching in Seattle around the year 2000, spending the remainder of her life in Civita.

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