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Tatiana Bilbao

The House and the City: Two Collages

July 21–August 5, 2018

At Tatiana Bilbao Estudio, collage is an intrinsic part of the architectural process. The process of collaging, or cutting and combining images, allows for exploration and visualization of the connections between projects and ideas. They are active forms, resonating between realism and abstraction, providing opportunities to reevaluate architectural design methods. Juxtaposed, referential images spur the beholder’s imagination, inviting them into a process of co-creation, transforming the perception of their environments.

The studio’s collage-centric studio process works in conjunction with traditional forms of architectural representation –orthographic drawings and models – facilitating an interplay between materiality and scale in the formation of spaces. At ‘T’ Space, Bilbao exhibited two collages reflective of her everyday workflow. The creative routine was projected and translated into the gallery space, re-presenting pin-up walls, models, and collages into a vibrant, cross-sectional analysis/diagram of her work.

The first collage explored projects at the urban scale, analyzing how cultural, historical, and economic dimensions were activated by simply acknowledging and responding to context. The second collage, located in the upper mezzanine, responded to the domestic domain, therein exploring the home as the basic unit of human space. The artwork included custom designed objects and furniture that mediated in both the collage plane and gallery space.

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Photos below by Jacobo Mingorance.


The work of Tatiana Bilbao Estudio begins analyzing its immediate local context translating rigid social codes into architecture through a multicultural, multidisciplinary perspective. The studio’s architectural work includes: the Culiacán Botanical Garden; the Pilgrimage Route in Jalisco; the Biotechnological Center; the Sustainable House, the social housing prototype displayed at the 2015 Chicago Biennial that costs under $8,000; among other projects. Tatiana’s work has been recognized internationally with awards such as the Kunstpreis Berlin in 2012 and the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture in 2014. She cherishes the opportunity to engage with students and has taught as a visiting professor at the Yale School of Architecture, Rice School of Architecture, and Columbia GSAPP. Her work has been published in The New York Times, among others.

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What draws me to the work of Tatiana Bilbao are the crisp proportions, the simplicity and power of the geometries—for example, the amazing Ventura House she realized overlooking Monterrey, Mexico. The pure additive volumes of rectangular geometry, the careful size of the window opening in relation to the massing and vertical feeling of a basically horizontal composition are very inspiring in the way the work of Luis Barragan is so astonishing. Likewise, her low-cost housing in Ciudad Acuña, Mexico seems beautifully proportioned with special mass to openings in almost mysterious balance.

– Steven Holl

Tatiana Bilbao just wants us all to share. Spaces, that is. From “very simple, easy things like communal kitchens” to the city itself, humans are social creatures and need to be part of a collective, explains the architect. So how then, does one design to encourage it? … [Tatiana Bilbao Estudio] seeks to explore the architectural dichotomy between individual domestic space and its surrounding urbanism. “I don’t have the answers; I just have the questions,” Bilbao admits. But designing on paper, in the form of collage, helps her to test context-driven solutions in overly densified communities.

– Elizabeth Fazzare in Architectural Digest

Traveling Exhibition


October 25, 2018  – January 11, 2019

The Steven Myron Holl Foundation sends Tatiana Bilbao Estudio’s exhibition The House and the City: Two Collages on a tour of the United States, beginning at 1Point618 gallery, a collaboration with AIA Cleveland and Kent State School of Architecture.

The show was both an arts exhibition for the city of Cleveland, and an educational opportunity for local architecture students.


February 1 – March 1, 2019

Curated by Paulina Sevilla of Tatiana Bilbao Estudio, The House and the City: Two Collages is on view at Banvard Gallery in association with Ohio State University’s Knowlton School of Architecture as of February 1st.

Accompanying Events

Architectural Digest: For Tatiana Bilbao, the Collective Is Now, by Elizabeth Fazzare.


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