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José Oubrerie, 2015 (Installation coming). Concrete.

Commissioned by ‘T’ Space.



‘T’ Space commissioned José Oubrerie to realize The Chapel of the Mosquitoes on T2 Reserve. The simple but beautifully transformative architectural installation serves as an educational case study for students, architects, artists, and enthusiasts.

The realized structure will be concrete with a diagonal light-water conduit that pierces from roof to floor. The conduit is a contemporary interpretation of a ladder in a kiva — a traditional round Pueblo Indian form — joining the sky and the earth. The Chapel’s ground is visible and the floor sometimes retracts; practically entering inside or reciprocally, the floor extends outside. In addition to the polarities of continuity and fragmentation, other elemental binaries such as the coexistence of interior and exterior, the connection between sky and earth, or the effect of sunlight and rainwater running through the conduit are carefully considered in relationship to the project site.

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