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2023 Summer Fellows Announced: Light and Polychromy

April 16, 2023

‘T’ Space is proud to announce the selection of the 2023 fellows for its annual architecture residency. The theme for this year’s program is “Light and Polychromy,” which focuses on the exploration light and color in architectural design. The residency program will take place virtually during the month of July, with a visit to the T2 Reserve at the end of the residency.

The five selected fellows for the 2023 program were chosen from a competitive pool of applicants from around the world. The fellows for the 2023 ‘T’ Space Architecture Residency are:

Graduate Student of Architecture
Yale University ’24 ¦ New Haven, CT
Graduate Student of Architecture
Rhode Island School of Design ’25 ¦ Providence, RI
Practicing Architect
Post-Graduate Student of Art, Theory, Criticism
Mumbai University ’14 ¦ Mumbai, India
Graduate Student of Architecture
Harvard Graduate School of Design ’23 ¦ Cambridge, MA

Graduate Student of Design
Contextual Design at Design Academy Eindhoven ’23 ; Eindhoven, Netherlands

The 25-day virtual intensive studio challenges participants to think and design critically. Residents enjoy theoretical and experimental freedom as they design a site-specific project unique to their program. The program includes design critiques, pin-ups, lectures and conversations with invited professionals, as well as virtual field trips in Dutchess County to destinations of acclaimed architectural and artistic interest.

For more information about the ‘T’ Space Architecture Residency, please click here.

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