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ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST: For Tatiana Bilbao, the Collective Is Now

July 17, 2018

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Tatiana Bilbao just wants us all to share. Spaces, that is. From “very simple, easy things like communal kitchens” to the city itself, humans are social creatures and need to be part of a collective, explains the architect. So how then, does one design to encourage it? Through the built and unbuilt work of her Mexico City–based firm, Tatiana Bilbao Estudio, a new exhibition opening July 21 at ‘T’ Space Rhinebeck in upstate New York seeks to explore the architectural dichotomy between individual domestic space and its surrounding urbanism. “I don’t have the answers; I just have the questions,” Bilbao admits. But designing on paper, in the form of collage, helps her to test context-driven solutions in overly densified communities. AD PRO caught up with the architect ahead of “The House and the City: Two Collages,” where her large-scale collages will be on view.

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