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Jim Holl’s “All the Living Things” Published with ‘T’ Space Editions

January 31, 2018

‘T’ Space Editions presents Jim Holl’s new book, All The Living Things, pairing words and images in an exploration of associative meanings addressing art, philosophy, nature, physics and spirituality.

Since the industrial revolution, humankind has been enlightened by scientific discoveries concerning the workings of the universe. New postulations on commonplace phenomena have led science to the threshold of metaphysics. Many of the discoveries in physics parallel beliefs of ancient philosophies with uncanny accuracy. In Jim Holl’s All the Living Things, text and paintings correlate in both literal and associative ways. The texts address phenomena, human perception, and the art of painting through fragments and summations culled from readings and Holl’s contemporary perspective. Together, they give the paintings poetic nuance that address the meaning of our existence in the world.

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