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PAINTING / SCULPTURE featured in Hyperallergic

June 4, 2024

PAINTING / SCULPTURE by Peter Halley and Steph Gonzalez-Turner was featured in “10 Art Shows to See in Upstate New York This June” by Taliesin Thomas for Hyperallergic.

“‘T’ Space in Rhinebeck aims to foster and amplify collaboration among artists via the interdisciplinary cross-pollination of art, architecture, music, poetry, and ecology. Curator Susan Wides does just that with PAINTING / SCULPTURE, which pairs paintings by seasoned artist Peter Halley and sculptural works by emerging artist Steph Gonzalez-Turner. During the 1980s, Halley became known for a bold, geometric abstraction that set the stage for a new take on minimalism. In recent years, his work has focused on multi-media, site-specific installations such as the works created for this presentation, including hazy wall paintings consisting of latex and fluorescent acrylic paint. Gonzalez-Turner’s crowd of skinny, sophisticated sculptures between around three and seven feet tall are both figurative and architectural, contrasting with the lush colors of Halley’s ethereal works. The energy between Halley’s paintings and Gonzalez-Turner’s sculptures celebrates both their collaboration and the unique mission of ‘T’ Space.”

Click here to read the full round-up in Hyperallergic.

Thanks to Taliesin for including us alongside other fantastic exhibitions Upstate!

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