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Review: “No Ordinary Flow: Bird and Lava” by Lynn Woods, Hudson Valley One

July 3, 2023

Lynn Woods from Hudson Valley One reviews Torkwase Dyson: Closer (Bird and Lava) at ‘T’ Space, poetically capturing the unique spirit and magic moment of encounter that comes with experiencing Torkwase’s work in the space.

“Arriving at the ‘T’ Space Gallery in the wooded ‘T’ Space preserve near Rhinebeck, one could easily miss the small path from the rise of the small dirt parking area to the gallery. A small sign off the deserted road doesn’t so much announce as hint at the gallery, and the feeling as one exits one’s car and scans the surrounding forest is of suspended credulousness. What lies beyond?

But there is the path — a path. Once one has taken a few steps the gallery seems magically to appear: an open door framing a white square of space occupied by a single art piece, a black monolith consisting of a half-circle suspended over a triangle whose symmetrical halves rest mountain-like on the floor. The luminous, naturally lit interior vividly asserts itself before you notice the box-like wooden exterior walls that rise from the wooden walkway and enclose it, suspended and barely visible within the deep shade of the forest. 

The striking piece within, whose black double arc looms above you as you approach, enhances the feeling of mystical encounter, not quite of this world.”

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