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Moving Star: Emily Eagen, Mark Ettinger, Saskia Lane, Onome

2023 Season

Moving Star members Emily Eagen, Mark Ettinger, Saskia Lane, and Onome come together at ‘T’ Space on July 22 and July 23 from 1PM-4PM to create an Improvisatory vocal response to and with the Ann Hamilton installation in ‘T’ Space and surrounding woodlands. Moving Star’s spontaneous composition will immerse the viewers in a sensorial experience of the human voice united with nature, art, and architecture.  


The Moving Star vocal ensembleis a NYC-based collective of vocalists from diverse backgrounds who share a common interest in vocal improvisation, vocal harmony traditions, and the connections between song, improvisation, composition, and musical memory. Housed in the Education Wing of Carnegie Hall, the ensemble began in 2015 when musicians from Carnegie Hall’s Lullaby Project joined together a wide range of singers, vocal improvisers, and composers, and the collaborations began.  Moving Star’s projects have included interactive concerts of both improvised and composed works, workshops on improvisation and participant singing, online multimedia concerts, and the development of immersive operas for babies in tandem with Carnegie Hall’s Weill Institute.

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