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Erica Dicker and Dan Peck: Anthony Braxton

2021 Season

Erica Dicker and Dan Peck played Anthony Braxton at the virtual opening of the Anthony Titus exhibition on July 17, 2021. Anthony Titus is inspired by Braxton’s notations and works; thus the pairing explored a rich synthesis between art and music.

Anthony Braxton is an experimental composer, saxophonist, and multi-instrumentalist. His approach to music challenges the traditional dichotomy between improvisation and composition and relies on innovative graphic and symbolic musical notations. Braxton’s work and musical notations have been a constant source of inspiration for artist Anthony Titus.


Seven years after premiering Anthony Braxton’s Falling River Music in a sextet with Braxton himself, Erica Dicker (violin) and Dan Peck (tuba) were married. They continue to champion the work of their existential matchmaker, performing Braxton’s music and serving as educational ambassadors for his non-profit Tri-Centric Foundation. Erica is an active chamber musician and free improviser in the New York City area as well as an instructor of violin at Lehigh University. Dan serves as principal tuba in the New York City Ballet in addition to his roles in various contemporary and experimental music ensembles. Erica and Dan’s duo, Blood of the Stars, explores the ultraviolet and infrared possibilities presented by their unconventional instrumentation.

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