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Fast Forward

2020 Season

In tandem with the opening of Ensamble Studio’s experimental architectural installation, the New York-based English composer and performer, Fast Forward will present a concert using Trinidadian steel pan and other instruments and objects. Using a sculptural approach to examine objects’ tactile and percussive qualities, his performance of diverse instrumentation will explore themes of human interaction with the landscape.


Fast Forward is a New York based English composer and performer who makes music with almost anything. He is best known for his in-depth musical explorations of the Trinidadian steel pan and his music-theatre works for diverse instrumentation. In his solo concerts, he adopts a sculptural approach to creating sound. He examines the sensual, tactile qualities of the objects, and then ties the sound of the objects to the physical gesture that creates the sound. The result is a stage presence that integrates the visual element of the performance with the music.

Accompanying Events

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