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Mazz Swift, Tanya Kalmanovitch, and Marika Hughes

Musical performance of compositions Rock, River, Valley (Mazz Swift), Chapter Four (Marika Hughes), Never Again (Mazz Swift), Composition 40(0) (Anthony Braxton), A Thousand Evenings (Dave Douglas), Expectation (Tanya Kalmanovitch), Kumbaya (Traditional), For Harry Carney (Sy Johnson)

2011 Season

The collective trio, Home, performed against the backdrop of Mike Metz’s exhibition, Snared-trapped and Concealed.


Home is a new collective trio with violinist Mazz Swift (Matana Roberts’ Coin Coin, Burnt Sugar), violist Tanya Kalmanovitch (Myra Melford, Turtle Island String Quartet) and cellist Marika Hughes (Charming Hostess, 2 Foot Yard). The three string players first met as students at the Juilliard School in the early 1990s, but each followed a very different path to their reunion in New York City some 15 years later.

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