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Stefan Zeniuk

2018 Season

At the June 2 opening of Richard Nonas’ work, Stefan Zeniuk presented a site-specific piece involving a “forest of clarinets” – 3 players, performing and communicating across the grounds. Sonically, the clarinet has a naturally warm, but earthily raspy tone, an instant connection to the earthy nature of Richard Nonas’ works, both in material and size. Mirroring Nonas’ cuts, the players were spaced out, away from each other yet audibly connected – they sonically divided the space, while still connecting the grounds.  Conceptually, the musicians allowed the attendees to experience the space as a whole – drawing attention to how the work interacted with its environment on a larger plane: the surrounding trees and grasses, the sound of the silence, or birds, or planes, or people talking 40 feet away.  The music was a series of simple melodies and compositions written with Richard’s work in mind, drawing on music that had inspired him, from Moondog to Joseph Spence to Roland Kirk.

Listen to more of Stefan’s music on his website. 

Stefan Zeniuk Performance at Richard Nonas' WHERE NONE*

Excerpt of the Score "OK Lola"

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