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Tribute to Richard Nonas (1936 – 2021)

May 14, 2021

In memory of Richard Nonas, 1936 – May 11, 2021. We at ‘T’ Space are deeply saddened by the passing of our treasured friend, the great artist Richard Nonas. What a pleasure and privilege it has been to enable Richard to realize “Where None*,” his permanent installation on the ‘T’ Space Reserve consisting of a 900 foot straight line of 80 crossed wooden beams. Carter Ratcliff memorably wrote: With “Where None*, Nonas doesn’t transform a stretch of land in upstate New York so much as inflect it with a remarkably restrained sign of his presence, which is temporary, and his intention, which is permanent.”

In honor of Richard, Steven Holl has prepared a video tribute. Click here to watch.

Below Dimitra Tsachrelia recounts the first day that Richard worked on “Where None*:”

Richard met me at 450 W 31st Street. He would start laying out his sculpture installation at the ‘T’ Space Reserve that day. While I drove he discussed his work with inquiring and reasoning thoughts. The simplest, most clear form of a manmade intervention in nature, he said, is the straight line.

In fact, his line for ‘T’ Space would naturally suggest a new path in the woods, free and undetermined by the existing trail. His line would stretch the notion of the centrally placed ‘Ex of IN’ house to the endpoint of the site – inwardly and beyond.

I dropped him off at the ‘T’ Space Reserve; it was a cold day in February 2018. I would return at sunset to pick him up. I asked if he wanted anything for lunch, there was only water in the house. I’m fine, he said, and energetically took his long tape-measure from his backpack. He left the car walking directly to the woods and started marking the location ‘Where None*’ was going to be installed.

When the snow melted and the walking trail on the Reserve was cleared from the leaves, we realized ‘Where None*’ crosses it in three places – as you move from manmade to mind, to art.

May 11, 2021

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