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9th Annual ‘T’ Space Poetry Award: Cathy Park Hong

February 16, 2021

‘T’ Space is pleased to announce that Cathy Park Hong is the recipient of the 9th Annual ‘T’ Space Poetry Award.

Cathy Park Hong is the author of three books of poetry and the prose book Minor Feelings (2020). She will read her poetry this summer at ‘T’ Space’s Synthesis of the Arts Opening Celebration in July 2021.

“Cathy Park Hong’s poetry continually challenges expectations, pushes boundaries, and takes imaginative risks and succeeds with them…her poetry is exceptional, and her breaking of many poetic norms through her experiments in form, voice, slang make her a candidate who dovetails with ‘T’ Space’s vision.” – Arthur Sze

“Engine Empire is furious, nervy…open to everything….witty, dystopian…and weirdly jubilant in its sheer inventiveness.” – Robert Haas

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