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Summer 2013

Imagine Gertrude Stein inviting her friends over to see her collection in the context of a picnic on the grass. That is the feeling one gets visiting ‘T’ Space during a reception that may include music, poetry, and art… The artists who show and the poets who read and the musicians who play at ‘T’ Space gatherings all live and work at least part of the year in the Hudson Valley in New York state, where I spend a lot of time as well. In fact, many have relocated to the area that inspired the great nineteenth-century landscape painters like Thomas Cole and Frederic Edwin Church, whose idyllic estate Olana is not far away. The rediscovery of the Hudson River Valley by a new generation of artists and writers, happier in the silence of the woods than in the bustle of Brooklyn, is slowly creating a new art nexus. The fact that ‘T’Space and its events and picnics exist as occasions for them to get together is a contribution to the cohesiveness and dialogue of the growing art community who have abandoned the fashion frenzy of the Big Apple. So many artists are finding refuge in nature I often joke that the hills are alive with sound of paintbrushes and buzz saws.

— Barbara Rose, 2013

May 25–July 14
July 20–August 24
September 7–November 30

‘T’ Book 2013


‘T’ Book 2013 is a 151 page catalogue which documents the exhibitions and events organized by ‘T’ Space during the 2013 season. It compiles sub-catalogues of the group exhibition, The Architectonics of Music, and of solo exhibitions featuring Ai Weiwei and Gary Stephan. Also included are excerpts of poetry readings at ‘T’Space by Carter Ratcliff, John Yau, and Robert Kelly, photographs of musical performances by Don Byron, the Esopus Chamber Orchestra String Quartet, and Raphael Mostel. A site-specific sculpture by Mike Metz is documented in the book.

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