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Summer 2014

The architect Steven Holl’s ‘T’ Space stands in a wooded glade in Duchess County, New York. Raised above the ground on columns of steel, it seems to float amid the surrounding leaves and branches. The white-walled interior is lit by sunlight streaming in through skylights. Integrated into the cycle of the seasons, ‘T’ Space hibernates during the winter and comes alive in the summer as a venue for the exhibition of visual art and a focal point for music and poetry.

[…] Openings at ‘T’ Space are always well attended. On the afternoon when Red Yellow Green Blue went on view, the crowd included Jasper Johns, Brice and Helen Marden, and many others who have become part of a community anchored in the Hudson River Valley and yet linked to many other places, from the art and music worlds of New York City to the China of Ai Weiwei and the cosmos evoked by Terry Winters’s extraordinary painting.

— Carter Ratcliff, 2014

May 31–July 13
July 19–August 17
August 30–30

‘T’ Book 2014


‘T’ Book 2014 is a 115 page catalogue which documents the exhibitions and events organized by ‘T’ Space during the 2014 season. It contains sub-catalogues of shows featuring artists Carolee Schneemann, Alyson Shotz, and Terry Winters. Also excerpts of poetry read at ‘T’Space by Robert Kelly and Kimberly Lyons, and musical performances by Alexander Turnquist, Raphael Mostel, Gregory Zuber, and Mike Truesdell.

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