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Summer 2015

Music, poetry, architecture, sculpture, painting—these are separate mediums and we must acknowledge their distinctive qualities as we respond to them. Yet their distinctiveness does not isolate them, or, rather, it shouldn’t, for each of these mediums has the power to illuminate the others. Nonetheless, exhibition sites and performance venues often focus on just one segment

of the spectrum. The mission of ‘T’ Space is to counteract that specializing tendency. Or, to make the point positively, ‘T’ Space is devoted to the project of intermingling the various mediums in ways that encourage visitors to see and to hear—and more than that, to feel—that there is an ecology of the arts. And to realize, through immediate experience, that each of the arts thrives best when this ecology is given the freedom it enjoys at ‘T’ Space.

— Carter Ratcliff, 2015

May 25–July 5
July 11–August 18
September 5–September 25

‘T’ Book 2015


‘T’ Book 2015 is a 128 page catalog which documents the exhibitions and events organized by ‘T’ Space during the 2015 season. It contains sub-catalogues of shows featuring Oscar Tuazon, Jose Oubrerie, Richard Tuttle and Mei-mei Berssenbrugge. Also included are excerpts and photographs of poetry readings by Cedar Sigo, George Quasha, and Barbara Rose and their musical accompaniments by  Lea Bertuci, Gregory and Patricia Zuber, and Michael Bisio.

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